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06/07/2004 Entry: "See you later~"

This blog and website will not be updated for a few months. I've lost every last particle of interest I've had in fanart and fanfiction for the time being, and I don't feel like blogging, either. I'll come back before the end of the year, either to begin updating again, or to tear the site down. Have been struggling against this utter apathy for a while now, and have finally become disgusted with it and refuse to deal with it any longer. This site is supposed to be a hobby of mine, not some burdensome obligation. If my amusements no longer amuse me, then farewell! :P

Bye bye for now. I shall see you later~ ^_^ Those of you who have my phone number, please do call me (or send me an e-mail or, alternatively, dead animals in the mail) if you happen not to see me on Friday nights in IM land. *smoochies*

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