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04/27/2004 Entry: "The Forgetful Shotgun Blog"

I am a horrible, horrible person, with an even more horrible memory. It isn't that I simply forget things. That would be excusable, perhaps, although lamented. No, I remember things very well. However, I only remember them at inopportune or useless times. For instance, for over a month now I have daily thought about a task that I promised Justice I should do. I recall my promise while I am driving home from work, making Hubby's lunch, and feeding the baby. I've remembered the task while trying to get off the phone as a solicitor natters away in my ear, or while washing my hair. However, I never seem to be able to retain the thought until such time as I am in front of my computer. After nearly six weeks of this random remembering, I finally was able to send him a message apologizing for my tardiness, and promised that I would tackle the promised task this weekend. May God grant that I remember to do it.

I can't seem to write fanfic at ALL, now. In my last little LiveJournal bleeb I mentioned that it was getting harder and harder to fic...I haven't been able to fic even one sentence since I posted that message. Did I curse myself? All I can think is, "Would the original creator have written them doing/saying/thinking this?" And the answer is always, "Igh...I doubt it."

Teri, Shaz wants nipples. Have scrapped the cutesy princess sleepover party and am furtively inking the OMFG sketch during odd hours as Hubby sleeps and Grammy babysits. Will send it to you hopefully early May. I can't remember now...did you want the original, so that you could real-media, or do you just want a scan to PhotoShop or Paint? Will also hopefully be able to get you all those shrunken files I promised a few weeks ago. Bleh.

I was eating my lunch with great enjoyment, savoring not only the taste of my mother's homemade fried rice, but also the warm fuzzy feeling that I got from knowing that she packed up the lunchbox for me since I had forgotten to do it myself. I was so supremely happy at that moment...and then The Jim walked in and said in a loud voice, "Oh! THAT'S what stinks! That's disgusting! Eyewgh, how can you stand to eat that?" I calmly answered that I adored what I was eating, ignored his subsequent reply, and quietly vowed to myself that I would BEAT tact, manners, and thoughtfulness into my son if nothing else sufficed rather than let him grow up to be such a non-asset to humanity. *seething fury*

...oh dammitall, I just remembered that I still haven't bought an envelope for that Vagrant Story guidebook. *rawr* I'm just going to have to ask Hubby to mail that one next Monday, because I'll never get around to doing anything that requires me to leave the house alone unless it's work. >_<

Master and Commander was awesome. I never want to watch it again. That only makes sense if you're Meriko.

*purrs in anticipation of the next M. Night movie* More creepy music! More Joaquin Phoenix! *squee!*

...I'm probably forgetting to blog about something. >_<

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What man DOESN'T want nipples, I say? Scan it in for me at a decent resolution, and I'll take it from there in Photoshop. You know...we are never going to be able to show this thing on our own sites, probably. We'll have to sign it with pseudonyms. X3

I'm just glad you updated your blog. I was beginning to think Bad Things. Seriously. I had my finger on the keypad of the phone ready to dial the last number in your phone number for the last week! It's been awkward sleeping like that, and showering and what not, but really! I was worried! XD
Posted by Teri @ 04/27/2004 05:51 PM PST

Oepidus Rex? XP I have trouble remembering to do things, too. Like I'm sitting in the middle of math and remembering that I'm supposed to send a deposit to college, and then I get home with the envelope sitting in front of my face and completely forget about it.

You know, when I was younger and my mom packed lunch for me, people always made fun of how it smelled or looked (Chinese food, go figure). I finally decided never to bring lunch to school again. And now that I'm older and don't care whether or not people make fun of what I'm eating, I dislike Chinese food to the point of starving rather than eating it. The human mind works in strange ways...
Posted by Kage @ 04/27/2004 09:23 PM PST

awww, hey, when you remember to send me it, you'll do it. Please remember OFFICE addy! I've moved again into brand new flat with all wood floors. Took a while to get traction. Babycatsat too. Poor thing. Flatmate said we coulda used it as a mini mop when it was lying down. :)
Posted by J @ 04/28/2004 01:22 AM PST

All I can think is, "Would the original creator have written them doing/saying/thinking this?" And the answer is always, "Igh...I doubt it."

Hey, come Androfic with me. The canon's so thin that it's effectively original fic... except it's fanfic! You can write for the humans, I don't care! ;P

I know exactly what you mean about forgetting and remembering only during the wrong times. Happens all the time to me - like driving in the car: "Oh yeah, I have to email Soandso..." At computer: "I need to gas up the car..." and so on. A regularly updated To-Do list helps.

And I too say: Thank you for updating! Toly and I were getting concerned! ^_^
Posted by
Grace @ 04/28/2004 05:58 PM PST

Awww, Meri, I didn't mean to make you START OVER or anything XD;;;;;;. Still, I can't complain, 'cause Teri pretty much has us guys pegged when it comes to nipples. What can I say? We're wired for that kind of thing. Sure, we have our own pairs, but girls just pull off the whole nipple look so well.
Posted by Shaz @ 04/30/2004 08:46 PM PST

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