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03/27/2004 Entry: "Shameless Whore Moment #47"

God help me, but I've joined Gaia Online. ^^;

[begin begging] Click on the banner to visit them! I get gold every time I lead someone to Gaia through my banner. And if anyone joins Gaia and uses my name as a referral, I believe I get an additional bonus. *woot* [/begging]

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

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(thought I already commented) I went and joined! The avatars are so CUTE! Meriko, you have got to stop getting me addicted to stuff ^_~
Posted by
Kimi @ 03/27/2004 12:59 PM PST

Joined. :P I referred your e-mail address. The avatars ARE really cute! I'm "Killim" because, uh... "Kage" was already taken. T_T So if I don't get any clothes, am I stuck running around in a gray bikini...? XD
Posted by Kage @ 03/28/2004 05:55 PM PST

You get a peasant outfit as a default. XD I'm running around in a ragged green dress right now. A friend sent me some clothes in a trade, but the jacket looks so silly over the ragged dress! ^^; I'm going to save up for a complete outfit~
Posted by Meriko @ 03/29/2004 08:00 AM PST

T_T Kage...I can't seem to find you as "Killim." Is that how it's spelled? K-i-l-l-i-m? And Kimi~ what's your name? :D
Posted by Meriko @ 03/29/2004 12:50 PM PST

Yup, that's how it's spelled. Killim. Get it?? XD;; I was in a silly and bloodthirsty mood when I made that up. Kill 'im!! XP I think I'll run around in my gray bikini for a while longer...the peasant dress they gave me looks so...not me. :P Maybe I'll get a prize for being in the default underwear for the longest.
Posted by Kage @ 03/30/2004 01:51 AM PST

Yay! I joined as Yanduer! Green pesant dress is weird, but possibly better than wandering around in my underwear.
Posted by k8isama @ 03/30/2004 04:19 AM PST

I would join as referred by you; but I've been a member of Gaia for.. six months today. :P

I never would have noticed that. Haha, thanks for helping me find my half-year anniversary, Meriko. XD;
Posted by Boa @ 03/30/2004 04:42 AM PST

Oh, Meriko, and after all your talk of having no time! ^_^;; Does this mean no more fic writing?
Posted by Grace @ 03/30/2004 05:35 AM PST

It's kiadawel... but I'd guess you already figured that out, because you PM'd me ^_^
Posted by Kimi @ 03/30/2004 09:09 AM PST

I'm already registered as Teefy, but I'll keep clicking on your link anyway!
Posted by Teef @ 03/31/2004 04:56 AM PST

Dude, so many people on Gaia~ XD I wish there was a Friends List or some other sort of feature...
Posted by Meriko @ 03/31/2004 08:44 AM PST

Lanzer (creator of Gaia) is working on a Friend List.
Posted by Boa @ 04/01/2004 02:26 PM PST

I've been on Gaia for 9-10 months, actually. Heh ^_^
Posted by Luthien @ 04/02/2004 09:37 PM PST

I hate to ask, and this is a last resort, but do you have any idea what Frank Venderosa is doing? Please e-mail.
Posted by John Smith @ 04/27/2004 03:52 PM PST

I joined Gaia, and now...I can't leave. I'm not joking. I'm so addicted. But it's cool, and thanks for letting me put up that Aeris pic, I love your artwork.
N E Way...if you're ever on Gaia...my avatar's name is princesspwrm.
Posted by Rachel @ 05/02/2004 10:09 PM PST

YAY!! Another convert! Glad to see you joined the ranks of the hopelessly addicted.
Posted by Tara @ 05/24/2004 09:19 PM PST

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