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03/19/2004 Entry: "Website Update: 03/19/04"

Updated the oekaki information and rules, and added three Fifteen Minute Ficlet challenges to the Writings page; FFVII "Working Stiffs," FFVIII "Seeds of Greatness", and Vagrant Story "Lucid Interlude." You know, when I start getting caught up to date on these FMF's, the Writings page is going to end up being ridiculously long. ^^; Perhaps I should make a separate page (LiveJournal?) for these things...

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Hey, I'd Friend you for that. ;) I finally remembered to Friend you on LJ as it is.
I need to get a page together for my own FMFs... ^^;;
Posted by Grace @ 03/20/2004 05:59 AM PST

That would be very cool. I'd Friend you, too ^_^ It would be very awesome to go to my Friends page and see a Meriko fic there.
Posted by
Kimi @ 03/20/2004 12:04 PM PST

Hey, Meriko! Just one of the oekaki-ers here... How do you get an oekaki board? Seriously, I'm ready to beg to know how! Kimi said she caught you in a good mood so you got her one. I draw sometimes as Kitsy's too! *drool* Must get...oekaki board! Have any instructions?
Posted by Dantei @ 03/20/2004 12:58 PM PST

Hi! Just wanted to ask you a question. I really like this fanart


and I wondered if you'd mind if I made it into a background for an RP jounral and an icon. If not that's ok I won't use it. I figured I should ask you first.

Let me know ok? Thank you.

Posted by Jennileerose @ 03/24/2004 12:13 AM PST

Grace: Do, do. ^^ We'll start a trend for those catcher-uppers who don't want to expose their lateness on the FMF livejournal. *lol*

Kimi: Done! Link me, baby~ XD (LJ username is "meriko")

Dantei: If you have your own webhosting and the ability to run cgi scripts and change CHMOD settings on individual files and directories, you can host your own oekaki. ^^ Do you have all that? E-mail me (merikitten at meriko dot net) and I can give you further instructions. Or, for a small donation to my webhosting bill (your choice of how much, of course), I shall make ye one~

Jennilee: Go for it. ^^ And...hrm. Actually, want me to edit it for you in any way? That click.to thing doesn't work anymore anyway, I don't think. I could remove the text, at least, and then you could just put a 1-point font (art by Meriko) type thing in your signature or journal. Lemme know~
Posted by Meriko @ 03/24/2004 08:43 AM PST

*grins* thanks. I'd like it if you removed the text. I'm making a custom layout for it so I'll include a credit to you right on the main page.

The journal is here

You are awesome. ^_^
Posted by Jennilee @ 03/27/2004 11:59 AM PST

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