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03/15/2004 Entry: "Website Update: 03/15/04"

Well bite my butt and call me an apple. I actually managed to overhaul everything in just one weekend. o_O I was sure that the oekaki and bbs skinning would take me a week or so. Welcome to Meriko's Musings, v. Blue Fantasy. ^_^

I'm thinking about changing the color scheme of each sub-page in the future. For instance, the Writings page would be reddish-orange and feature a ranger in the sidebar, the Links page would be green and feature an elf, et cetera. The only thing that's stopping me from doing it right now is the thought that maybe that's just too many graphics for people to load up. Opinions?

[EDIT] Oh, dangit dangit dangit. The "go to chapter 2" link in Snowfly Forest: The Hunt Begins has an unnecessary underscore in it. >_< Must fix Tuesday night after Hubby goes to work and Little gets fed.

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*chomp* there ya go, Apple
Posted by J @ 03/15/2004 01:22 AM PST

Well, I like blue, and the mermaid is awsome, so I would keep it with this. But that's me. It's your site, anyway. It's all up to you!
Posted by CidGregor @ 03/15/2004 11:09 AM PST

I think it would be neat to have each page a different color, with the same general "scheme" of this page. But then again, I'm visiting via a DSL modem :)
Posted by
Kimi @ 03/15/2004 04:43 PM PST

Wow... and what an over haul it is. Nifty. ^^

I'm with Kimi... I think it'd be spiffy to see the different color sections with the theme, but I'm spoiled on DSL.
Posted by Macavity @ 03/15/2004 04:58 PM PST

Hm, tough call. Myself, I like one overall "theme" for a website because then it doesn't feel like the designer went nuts with all the tools at their disposal. I'm there for content, not design, and I like knowing that all the links/frames/whatever are roughly in the same places. (This may sound weird, but I've come across sites lately where the links are in different places on every! single! page! and boy is it annoying.)

IIRC only half the US is on anything other than dialup, so you can make the judgment call regarding your visitors. ^_^

Something else: if one image "breaks", and you've got the same theme through the whole site, you only have to notice it once and fix it. ^_~

Anyway, just my thoughts. Be one with the Pootworm!
Posted by Grace @ 03/18/2004 06:40 AM PST

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