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03/12/2004 Entry: "Website Update: 03/13/04"

Site overhaul in progress. New page links will be added soon, but for now, it's just this main page. Feedback on the new look and reports of any problems greatly appreciated. ^_^

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Ooooh, I love the color scheme! And the images... I'm excited to see more :)
Posted by
Kimi @ 03/12/2004 11:35 PM PST

WO_OW Wow! This looks excellent ^_^ The mermaid image is beautiful and the colour scheme is very effective! I can't wait to see the rest ^_^
Posted by Teef @ 03/13/2004 01:33 AM PST

It looks great! ^-^ I love the blue colors and the pretty image.

I can't wait to see it done!
Posted by Salitra @ 03/13/2004 02:43 AM PST

It's brilliant so far! ^_^ Can't wait to see the rest!
Posted by k8isama @ 03/13/2004 03:48 AM PST

Very nice! Like the new "cool" color scheme.
Posted by Grace @ 03/13/2004 07:55 AM PST

wow! it's so blue!
Posted by akira @ 03/14/2004 11:52 AM PST

Couldn't have picked a better color scheme! Blue's my fav color! And that's an awsome mermaid!
Posted by CidGregor @ 03/14/2004 10:11 PM PST

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