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03/11/2004 Archived Entry: "*chk-chk, BLAM!* PE, FMF, WTF, HTML, & PHP"

Edamood: productive despite also feeling extremely busy .

Every time I think of the phrase, "shotgun blog," I'm reminded of Parasite Eve. And then I have to battle the urge to hunt down young master David and stab him with sharp things until he gives me back my PE games. Man, I loved those games, even though PEI freaked me out at first, and also despite the infuriating number of hours I had to spend picking up junk at the zoo so that I could get a custom-built rifle. The FMVs in PEII were particularly squeeful.

Have been trying to complete the fourth Fifteen Minute Ficlet assignment for five days now with no success. I'll type out one paragraph of an idea and then get completely bogged down for the next twelve minutes. Itís such a simple word with about ten billion possibilities, too. What's wrong with me? T_T I think I'll just abandon this word and move on. Perhaps someday I'll be able to go back and finish it.

Word of advice: when you are minding your own business while others around you chat, try to either shut them out completely or eavesdrop assiduously. If not, you may mis-hear fragments of conversations that destroy your ability to concentrate on what youíre doing. For instance, yesterday afternoon I could have sworn that I heard the Service Manager say, "Well, you know the government gives rebates on STDís."

I think that I've accomplished all that I can for the website overhaul for now. Everything else will need to be done while the site is shut down so that people donít have to navigate a minefield of not-yet-connected links, un-uploaded images, and constantly changing background colors. I can overhaul this main page in just a few minutes though, so I'll be able to leave the blog up, at least.

Am pondering php for a project that I've unfortunately become interested in. Somehow there's a portion of my brain that isnít receiving mail, and gleefully jumps all over new project ideas as if I'm a millionaire unmarried unmother. My webhosting is further undermining my efforts to devote what free time I have to Hubby and Home by suddenly offering MySQL support for free instead of demanding a one-time setup fee. *mrr*

Replies: 7 comments

if ur not married. who who the fuck is hubby?
Posted by akira @ 03/11/2004 02:27 PM PST

Read slower, Akira.
Posted by Meriko @ 03/11/2004 03:31 PM PST

Do you kiss people with that mouth, Akira? Politeness never hurt anyone.
Posted by Toly @ 03/11/2004 05:42 PM PST

excuse my language. and no i dont kiss no one with this mouth.
Posted by akira @ 03/11/2004 05:58 PM PST

Just bringing the excitement along. That's all.
Posted by Akira Gear @ 03/11/2004 06:03 PM PST

Um, would you be able to link me to this Fifteen Minute Ficlet thing? It sounds interesting. ^^ I can't really spare the time either (last year of high school... Ois...) but it still sounds like a fun way to occupy my spare time, even if nothing gets posted.
Posted by Raven @ 03/12/2004 11:21 PM PST

Raven: Fifteen Minute Ficlets is at http://www.livejournal.com/community/15minuteficlets/ with information about the concept behind the "Livejournal Userinfo" link. ^_^ Have fun~
Posted by Meriko @ 03/13/2004 01:05 AM PST

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